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Lashings 35 mm 1500 – 3000 daN

For lashing of lightweight goods.
Spanband 35 mm LC 1500 - 3000 daN 1 delig
Lashing 1-piece
Spanband 35 mm LC 1500 - 3000 daN 2 delig
Lashing 2-piece with double J hooks

Product information

Breaking strength:
LC 1.500 daN – 3.000 daN
Lashing width:
35 mm
Lashing: polyester
Metal parts: steel, galvanised, optional stainless steel
Lengths can be as required.
EN 12195-2
1-piece: Lashing only with ratchet for endless usage.
2-piece: Ratchet part and long part, with double J hooks.

Different hooks are available

2-piece lashings can be supplied with different types of hooks.
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