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Lashing Accessories

Wide range of accessories for load securing systems and protecting your products.
Ebotex haken sjorbanden
Hooks for lashings
A solution for every type of connection.
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RVS systemen EBotex
Stainless steel systems
For securing cargo and goods, on locations where metal parts can become affected so less corrosion can occur.
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Label bescherming ladingvastzetsystemen EBotex
Label protection for lashings
Options to protect lashing labels.
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Losse bandbeschermer voor bandbreedte 50 mm of 100 mm menu afbeelding
PU protection products
Protects the textile lifting equipment against chemical influences and damage from, for example, (heavy) machinery.
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Protection for webbingslings and roundslings, lashing straps and securing systems.
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Preload force gauge
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